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The British Big Cat Society fully recognises the need for research in finding evidence that may prove conclusively that large exotic cats are indeed not only surviving but thriving here in the UK.

We do try to investigate reports made by the general public and try to get first hand accounts from the witnesses. We have tracked down a number of people that in the past have claimed to have witnessed a large catlike animal and in doing so the BBCS as uncovered both video and photographic evidence.

We have a number of members who are actively using state of the art photographic and video technology to try and capture an a big cat on film.These are set up in hotspots and areas with a history of sightings.

By using scale models of big cats we can try and estimate the approximate size of the creature and the possible identity to the species, using the distance of the sighting by the witness.

Taken from last year's BBCS Big Cat Watch on Dartmoor.

You may have already seen some types of evidence on this web site in the form of photographic and video evidence but the BBCS likes to take a very scientific approach to gathering and analysing evidence in the form of hair samples, casts and faeces. All must be painstakingly gathered from areas after livestock losses, witness accounts, etc. and then the samples are analysed by a team of experts including zoologists, biologists and photographic experts.

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